Best Gloss & High Sheen Paint Products in Lagos Nigeria

Best Gloss & High Sheen Paint Products .. Typically used for wood and metal, gloss and high-sheen paints also represent a great solution for walls and ceilings in high traffic or high condensation areas. But what should you consider when choosing a gloss or high-sheen paint?

What is the difference between oil-based and water-based products? Which are the best colours for doors or window frames?

There are dozens of products on the market, and unless you’re a professional, choosing the best is often confusing. But we’re here to help. We’ve identified, tested and rated the best gloss and high-sheen paints for metal, wood, walls and ceilings in Nigeria. Check out with Elyonpaints, there are varieties of color selections. Find the Best Gloss & High Sheen Paint Products for your new renovation project.

Best Gloss & High Sheen Paint Products
Gloss Paint


It is mainly used for painting wood and metal fittings, including doors, window frames and radiators, but some products are suitable to use on plastic, ceramic, laminates, and even on masonry.

The first thing to consider when choosing the color is the surface to be painted. White is a popular choice for doors, window frames, radiators and fences or rails. But this isn’t the only choice. If the walls are painted in a neutral shade, you can enhance the interior design with doors and windows painted in a complementary shade.

Dark brown and green are timeless classics. Contemporary choices include a vast selection of greys but also more dramatic choices like burgundy or dark red.

In a coastal environment or Mediterranean style home, blue is another great choice. Neutral tones are an alternative to the classic white, adding personality and sophistication.

High-sheen paints for walls and ceilings are ideal to use in high-traffic areas. Here, the choice of the color is influenced by the environment. Dark stairways and hallways, for example, benefit from a light tonality that adds brightness.

Best Gloss & High Sheen Paint Products

Yellow and white are great choices for a kitchen while blue, white, ivory, and turquoise look amazing in a bathroom. High-sheen paint is a great option for the kid’s room too. The best colors, in this case, are lively tonalities like purple, orange and green.

Best Gloss & High Sheen Paint Products

Gloss Paint
Gloss Enamel

Elyonpaint Shine Gloss Enamel is an excellent high-sheen paint to consider for interior wood and metal painting. The water-based formula with a low content of volatile organic compounds makes this product safe to use in poorly ventilated environments.

The low odor and quick drying time are two great features of this product. Coming in a range of contemporary colors and easy to apply with an array of tools, Shine Gloss Enamel has a great covering power. In most cases, two coats are sufficient to achieve good results; though substantial color changes could require more than two coats.

A quick drying time means the product touch dries in only an hour. However, it can take up to 6 hours for the product to dry completely, depending on the environmental conditions. Avoid closing newly painted doors and windows before the paint is fully dry.

In terms of coverage, a liter of paint covers up to 16m² and the self-priming formula minimizes costs and application time. Coming in 25 colors, the product is supplied in 750ml tins or 2.5L tubs. And the Quick Dry paint is even available in three attractive finishes that include Gloss, Eggshell, and Satinwood.

You can get varieties of Best Gloss & High Sheen Paint Products at Elyonpaints and sub guideline on how to achieve your desired texture.

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