The Best Living Room Paint & Color

The Best Living Room Paint & Color. The living room is often a home’s signature environment. A place to lounge or socialize with family and friends. Usually the first room presented to guests, the living room has to burst with personality. And the simplest way to refresh or revamp the look and feel of this space is with living room paints and colors.

However, finding the right product is often harder than expected. With a host of interior paints out there, deciding which type, finish, and shade works best in this space is confusing. But we’re here to help.

Our paint experts have identified, tested, and rated the most popular living room paints in the Nigeria. Our top picks are easy to apply, long-lasting and easy to maintain. Check them out with Elyonpaints. There are varieties of color selections


The Best Living Room Paint & Color
navy and brilliant white

The Best Living Room Paint & Color. Living room paints come in a variety of colors and the choice is often based on preference. While the choice of color should reflect your personality, the size of the room and light exposure should dictate the final shade.

In living rooms of all sizes, a traditional choice tends to lean towards neutral tones and earthy shades. Ivory, cream, and beige are popular choices and it’s easy to enhance the interior design with contrasting accents or by playing with textures.

Dark colors are often tricky – but not impossible – to use. An elegant combination of navy and brilliant white can enhance the beauty of a modern-chic living room. Add dynamism to the space with bright yellow accessories and evergreen houseplants.

The Best Living Room Paint & Color
Bright red and cream

Bright red and cream is another popular color scheme. Use red paint on the walls and pair it with cream furniture and accessories. Bright red accent pillows create unity between the elements while an ivory ceiling can visually enhance the size of a small room.

Chartreuse, ultraviolet and grey are three colors that work wonders when mixed and matched in a living room. Refreshing and contemporary, these hues transpire personality.

ultraviolet and grey
ultraviolet and grey

Superfine Smooth Emulsion Paint

Get an affordable price at Elyonpaints

Elyonpaints is synonymous with quality paint. Together with an excellent price, we’ve got a winning combination. Pure Brilliant White color comes in a super-convenient 6-litre pack and is ideal to paint not only the living room but your whole house.

This smooth emulsion paint dries to a low silk sheen finish that minimises wall imperfections and is easy to clean. Manufacturer’s Chromalock technology protects paint pigments from wear and tear, ensuring long-lasting effects.

Coverage is also excellent. A litre of paint covers up to 13m², which means the convenience pack contains enough paint for up to 78m².

Pure Brilliant White apart, the paint comes in 80 other neutral or dramatic shades you can mix and match to achieve unique, contemporary designs. The product dries in two hours and, in ideal conditions, accepts the second coat after four hours.

Although two coats are usually enough, more coats could be required if the product is applied on a darker shade or on a new wall.

You can get the varieties of The Best Living Room Paint & Color at Elyonpaints and sub-guideline on how to achieve your desired texture.

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