Best Paint Color Combinations For Painting in Lagos Nigeria

Best Paint Color Combinations For Painting In Nigeria
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Best Paint Color Combinations For Painting In Nigeria.. There is a lot to learn about picking the best paint colors and right color combinations for your homes and businesses. Understanding how colors affect us can help a business to grow or home to feel more inviting.

When choosing the right paint colors for your home in Nigeria or elsewhere, a good rule of thumb is to remember the color wheel.

  • Primary colors (red, yellow, and blue)
  • Secondary colors (purple and orange)

The Best Colors For Your Homes

When selecting color schemes for your home, think about the theme and the mood you want to create in the space.

Here are a few specific suggestions for each room:
  • Living Room– For the space that facilitates socializing the most, choose a happy color. Neutral colors such as almond walls with red toned browns on the trim and colors like ivory, black, white, and grey are popular.
  • Dining Room– Try to make it look formal rather than stuffy. Colors with brown undertones, such as dark orange or olive green, could be the answer.
  • Kitchen– The kitchen should feel welcoming as well as emit productive and energetic vibes. Therefore, shades of buttery yellow, orange, and powdery blues would look best.
  • Bedroom– Light color choices or low saturated shades such as blues, lavenders, pinks, and soft yellows are great choices for a romantic feeling and relaxation in a bedroom.
  • Bathroom– You can choose to stay within the same shade and use a monochromatic approach such as selecting shades of blue or mint green for a subtle and soothing look.

Unlike interior colors, exterior hues can affect the entire street. When choosing exterior colors, surfaces such as roof shingles or tiles, stonework, and pathways, should be considered.
You could paint it the same color as your house to make your home look bigger.

Choosing colors for painting offices

Color influences productivity, creativity, and mood at work.
To choose colors for your office, consider the following:

Brand colors– The first set of colors to consider are your brand colors. While choosing the right colors can enhance your brand perception, poor color selection can do damage to your brand image.

Warm colors– For most companies, the ‘go-to’ paint colors in Nigeria are between grey, and off white. Such colors are known to evoke emotions of warmth.

Productive colors– The most productive color according to Google is blue. In offices, it’s good to go for low saturated blue shades or other productive colors like ivory, white, grey. These colors will trigger creativity.

Industry Colors– Every industry has its colors. Keep track of the colors your competitors are using. This will help your color choice so you can better attract and connect to your ideal customer.

Most popular paint colors in Nigeria

For homes:

  • Saturated colors: navy blue, emerald green, and bright violet
  • Neutral colors: shades of greys, beige and tan

For commercial buildings:

  • Yellow, golds, tans, terra cotta, reds, olives, and blues

Paint types for tropical weather

Choosing the right kind of paint for different weather conditions is equally important for achieving long-lasting results.

For high humidity environments, use a high-quality acrylic-based product such as Accurate Paints. They are rugged enough to withstand not only high moisture content in the air but snow, rain, sand, and direct sunlight.
For rainy days or damp weather conditions, it is also recommended to use a satin or semi-gloss sheen because they are moisture resistant.

General Painting Tips

Use these professional painting tips for lasting results:

  • To avoid lap marks, run the roller on the full height of the wall
  • Ensure enough paint for a consistent color throughout
  • Use cotton drop cloths
  • Paint the trim first, then the rest
  • Prime every time to avoid a blotchy finish
  • Clean up dirty surfaces

How to adapt paint color for creating a different atmosphere in any space

Different colors can put us in different moods and create different atmospheres within spaces.

Warm colors associate with sunlight and heat (red, orange, and yellow) while cool colors tend to make us think of water, sky, and more peaceful things (blue, green, and purple). Additionally, neutral colors are inoffensive, stable colors such as beige, white, black, and grey.

Here are some ways to create a different atmosphere within a space using color:

  • Understanding Color- Do you want warm, cool, or neutral colors? Choose colors according to mood
  • Pick a color scheme depending on your furniture and décor
  • Transition color throughout your room- When standing in one room, consider all the adjacent rooms that you can see to maintain an equal color scheme throughout
  • Find color inspiration- Find color combination ideas through research. To browse the Best Paint Color Combinations For Painting In Nigeria and find inspiration, check out our Paints Gallery
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