Best Paints For Kitchen Cupboards & Cabinets

Best Paints For Kitchen Cupboards & Cabinets.. Replacing your kitchen cabinets with new ones is an expensive affair. But you’ll be amazed how easy it is to update your space without completely remodeling your kitchen. Paint can give old kitchen cupboards a new high-end designer look without breaking the bank.

Yet, only high-quality paint products formulated specifically for kitchen cabinets can deliver a flawless finish. But with a varieties of products out there, how can you choose the best one?

When choosing your preferred paint, you’ll have to consider what the cabinets are made of, the type of paint, and finish of the paint as well. To help you find the right product, our expert team has tested and rated the most popular paints for kitchen cupboards in Nigeria. Check out with Elyonpaints, there are varieties of color selections. Find the right paint for your kitchen decoration.


Best Paints For Kitchen Cupboards & Cabinets

Best Paints For Kitchen Cupboards & Cabinets.. Deciding which color to use on your kitchen cabinets goes beyond preference. Because even if the hue must reflect to your personality, the interior and the design of the cabinets also dictate the best colors and trends.

Your best bet is to let the style of the kitchen guide you. However If the cabinets have a classic, traditional line, option for classic, traditional paint colors. White is a timeless choice but there are more modern alternatives to consider.

Cream, ivory, light grey, sand, and stone are popular kitchen cabinet colors that blend well in a traditional style kitchen.

If you aim to achieve a vibrant design, add color accents elsewhere in your kitchen. Light fixtures, appliances, hardware, and even in a surface can add an original touch to your interior.

Kitchen Cupboards and Cabinets
Best Paints For Kitchen Cupboards & Cabinets
vibrant red

Retro kitchen furniture pairs wonderfully with dark reds or glowing hues. In such a context, bright green, yellow, and even purple add personality to your kitchen.

As for modern designs, there are dozens of color schemes to inspire your new look. Neutral colors are easy to mix and match in all decorations. Dark greys, rust, copper, and dark browns are beautiful choices in an industrial style kitchen. Pair them with natural stone.

Shabby elegant kitchen cupboards pair with stone, light blue, or pearl pink. Black is a popular choice for all modern kitchen cabinets, above all when it comes in a chalk finish.

Multi colored cupboards are a popular choice in modern environments. We suggest using a lighter shade on top and a darker shade on the bottom units. But it’s easy to mix and match hues and colors according to your personal tastes.

Best Paints For Kitchen Cupboards & Cabinets

Brilliant wood sheen varnish ideal to revive your old wooden furniture.
For your Kitchen cupboards

If you want to revive the natural color of your natural wood kitchen cabinets, Arcylic Emulsion could be the product for you. This is a high-quality product that acts as a 2 in 1 wood stain and varnish. Offering durable protection both inside and out, the varnish is suitable for interior and exterior use.

This water-based varnish comes in 8 attractive colors, It is easy to apply with a paintbrush and dries to a smooth sheen finish that is durable and easy to clean. Formulated to lock the color into the wood. Arcylic emulsion acts as a durable barrier that protects the material from every day wear and tear.

Brilliant and elegant, the product also has an exceptional coverage. A flawless finish requires two coats, but with a coverage up to 20m²/liter, a 750ml tin is usually sufficient to paint all kitchen cabinets. We like the quick-drying formula that helps make the whole process a breeze.

Another thing we like is the water-based formula. The varnish is easy to clean from the brushes or thin if needed. It’s non-toxic and suitable to work with in enclosed spaces.

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