Best Satinwood Paints For Silk Finish in Lagos Nigeria

Best Satinwood Paints For Silk Finish.. Halfway between matt and high sheen, satinwood and eggshell paints offer an elegant silk finish to surfaces. The refined soft sheen tones down the opulence of gloss paint and add a twist to a traditional matt effect.

Ideal to use on woodwork, metal and even on walls – satinwood and eggshell paints come in a range of styles and colors.

Our expert team has selected, tested and rated the best satinwood and eggshell paints in Nigeria. Check them out with Elyonpaints. There are varieties of color selections


Best Satinwood Paints For Silk Finish

Silk finish paints come in a wide range of traditional and contemporary colors. Before choosing the shade, firstly consider the surface you want to paint. White is one of the most popular choices for woodwork and metal, including doors, window frames and radiators. But other hues also look amazing on these materials.

Pale yellow, beige, cream and off-whites represent only a small selection of shades to consider. Slate grey is a popular contemporary choice that pairs well with light grey walls.

Blush pink, ivory and magnolia are ideal choices if the walls are painted in similar or contrasting shades.

Brown is a timeless choice and so is green – these colors blend well in traditional or rustic interiors. However in a coastal home, bright blue and yellow are two other hues to consider. Blue complements white walls, while yellow can be paired with navy or emerald green.

If you’re aiming to use eggshell paint on walls, choose the color based on the luminosity of the room and pair it with the home décor.

silk finish

Use a paint in neutral shades if the room is small or furnished in traditional style. Contemporary choices include ivory, light grey, silver and cream.

A modern home can enjoy bolder colors such as chartreuse or purple, perhaps combined with neutral shades that can tone down the intensity of these hues. Turquoise is another popular choice and this shade pairs well with red, gold and brown.

Best Satinwood Paints For Silk Finish

Best Satinwood paint for silk finish
silk finish

Super Unique is another exceptional silk finish paint to consider. The water-based product is virtually odorless and safe to use in all environments of a home. Coming in 20 neutral and vibrant colors, the product requires no undercoat and boasts a quick drying formula that allows you to finish work promptly.

Convenient and pleasant to use, the paint is easy to apply with a paintbrush or roller and touch dries in two hours. A second coat can be applied after six hours if the climatic conditions are favorable.

Coverage may also drop when making substantial color changes. However, this is understandable and not a drawback. One minor drawback is that the colors can sometimes dry to slightly darker shade than expected.

In terms of coverage, a liter of paint is sufficient for up to 12m²/liter. The product is supplied in 750ml and 2.5L tins, allowing you to minimize costs and waste.

Another thing we like is the choice of finishes. The satinwood finish, which was our choice, dries to a delicate silk, mid-sheen effect. Two other options give you the possibility to opt for an eggshell low-sheen or a gloss high-sheen.

You can get varieties of Best Paints and Colors For Radiator Painting at Elyonpaints and sub-guideline on how to achieve your desired texture.

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