Best Tile Paints For Bathrooms & Kitchens in Lagos Nigeria

Best Tile Paints For Bathrooms & Kitchens.. Freshening up the look of the tiles in a bathroom or kitchen without spending an arm and a leg is possible thanks to the different systems, products and methods that allow all homeowners to renovate tiled walls and pavements.

But with a wealth of products available on the market, choosing the best one is often confusing and time-consuming.

Yet, you need not worry. Our expert team has tested and rated the most promising tile paints for bathrooms and kitchens in the Nigeria. Check out with Elyonpaints, there are varieties of color selections. Find the right paint for your Bathrooms & Kitchens tiles renovation project.


Best Tile Paints For Bathrooms & Kitchens
tile painting

Bathroom and kitchen tiles come in a rainbow of colors and choosing them is often a matter of preference. But the size of the room, the exposure to light and the overall color scheme in your interior also matter.

Timeless choices include neutral shades. White, beige, and cream are elegant and endless. Pairing them with other colors is easy, and these hues can easily boost the value of your property. In a traditional interior, for example, you can mix and match earthy tones of brown, khaki and cream either in the kitchen or in the bathroom.

Blue is a popular choice for the bathroom, while aqua or turquoise can also complement a kitchen when done right.

Yellow and green are two solar shades that stimulate the appetite. Pair them with white for a retro-chic look or with grey in a contemporary style kitchen.

Orange tiles look great in small bathrooms. This shade pairs with light green and beige. For a modern look, choose black but limit its use unless you have a large bathroom. Black and dark grey are two ideal choices in a modern kitchen too.

Purple is a contemporary color that works wonders either in the kitchen or in the bathroom. Purples derived from a red are more suitable for the kitchen and match wonderfully with cream and beige.

Best Tile Paints For Bathrooms & Kitchens
Kitchen Tiles Painting

Purples derived from a blue integrate successfully in a bathroom and pair with bold shades such as chartreuse or turquoise. To tone down purple’s aggressiveness, pair it with white or ivory.

Gold and silver are two other colors that pair well with stylish environments and dozens of neutral or dramatic shades.

Best Tile Paints For Bathrooms & Kitchens

tile painting
Tile painting

Elyonpaints for Bathroom is an exceptional paint formulated to resist excessive moisture and steam. With a soft sheen finish, the product is easy to wipe clean with advanced protection against mold.

Elyonpaints ensures the brightness of the color for a long time. This exclusive resin keeps the color pigments dispersed in the wet paint, determining the molecules to bond together closer when the paint dries, forming a protective film on the surface of the paint. This shields the color from the daily wear and tear, providing long-lasting results.

You can get varieties of Best Paints and Colors For Bathroom Painting at Elyonpaints and sub-guideline on how to achieve your desired texture

International Tile Paint is a budget-friendly yet high-quality product to consider if you don’t mind a scarce colour choice. In fact, the product comes in only three shades and a high-sheen finish that imitates the natural shine of glazed ceramic tiles.

More suitable for the bathroom than the kitchen, the product boasts a waterproof formula designed to protect your surfaces from moisture. An ultra-tough, scratch-resistant finish makes the paint ideal for the kitchen too, but International Tile Paint is not suitable to use near heat.

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