Different Kinds of Paints Used in Constructions in Lagos Nigeria

Different Kinds of Paints Used in Constructions. As we Know, Painting beautify the look of buildings, Increasing surface durability, Increasing the visual appeal of a surface, it is a common element of renovation projects. However, paints have additional uses beyond improving appearance and durability. Knowing the performance features of each type of paint is important to select the best product for each project.

Before selecting the type of paint for a specific projects, its physical properties must be considered. As good paint will offer you the bellow properties benefits.

  • Ease of application
  • Not harmful for users
  • Forming a thin film without cracking
  • Reasonable drying period
  • Forming a hard and durable coating

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Different Kinds of Paints Used in Constructions

Oil Paint

Different Kinds of Paints Used in Constructions

Oil paints can achieve mat and glossy finishes, while being durable and affordable. They are specified by their ease of application, and paint surfaces are easy to clean.

It’s the kind of paint that can last without showing signs of wear. As a result, you’ll be able to enjoy the beauty of your home for years.

Since it can handle the hard knocks of life quite well, it can be a great paint to put on your baseboards since they can get scuffed easily.

Oil-based paint can practically be use on any surface. Plus, it has a rich finish and great durability. You can get it at a reasonable price.

Note: that oil paint is not suitable for humid conditions, and it takes time to dry completely. Also, before applying oil paints, linseed oil and pigments must be added.

Enamel Paint

Enamel Paint

Enamel paints form hard and glossy coatings, which can be easily cleaned. It is specified as being waterproof and chemically resistant.

It’s a great option for people to use on the outside of their homes. Enamel paint can handle the beating of the suns’ rays, strong wind gusts, and sheets of rain.

This is the type of paint you use on surfaces you want to protect. You can also use it on furniture. Use it on a table or chair in high traffic areas.

The following are some common uses of enamel paint:

  • Interior and exterior walls
  • Wood trims, doors, and flooring
  • Windows
  • Surfaces like wicker, concrete, plaster, glass, and metals.

The main limitations of enamel paint are slow drying, and requiring a titanium coating before application.

Emulsion Paint

Different Kinds of Paints Used in Constructions

Emulsion paints mostly refers to paint used for walls and ceilings. It’s water-based with vinyl or acrylic added for more stability. It comes in a range of finishes: gloss, satin, eggshell, silk, flat matt or matt. ‘Matt and flat matt give a non-shiny, non-reflective finish; eggshell is similar to matt paint for woodwork but has a subtle cracked effect, while silk paint has a slight sheen so is great in bathrooms and kitchens.

Emulsion paints can be use for interior walls, ceilings and masonry work. Some specialized types of emulsion paints can be use for woodwork.

Plastic Paint

Plastic Paint

Plastic Paint is an oil-based paint that gives a very plasticity look and feel. It uses water as a thinner, and it is available in a wide range of colors. It dries very quickly and offers high coverage. The following are some common applications of Plastic paint:

  • Walls and ceilings of auditoriums, display rooms, etcetera
  • Decks
  • Slabs
  • showrooms

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Aluminum Paint

Aluminum Paint

This type of paint is produce by mixing Aluminum particles with oil varnish. It is resistant to corrosion, electricity and weather exposure. Aluminum paint is commonly use for metals and wood, and some specific applications are gas tanks, oil tanks, water pipes and radiators.

Anti-Corrosive Paint

Anti-Corrosive Paint

Anticorrosive paint is specified by its chemical resistance, as implied by its name. It is made from linseed oil, zinc chrome and fine sand. Anticorrosive paint has a black color, and it is durable and affordable. It is normally use for metallic surfaces and pipes.

Synthetic Rubber Paint

Synthetic Rubber Paint

This paint is made from dissolved synthetic resins, and can include pigments. It has a moderate cost and its main benefits are chemical resistance, fast drying and weather resistance. Synthetic rubber paint is use for concrete surfaces in general, and this includes fresh concrete.

Silicate Paint

Silicate paint is a product of silica and resinous substances. Its performance benefits include good adhesion, hardness, heat resistance, and being chemically unreactive with metals. Therefore, this type of paint is commonly use in metal structures.

Casein Paint

This paint is made from casein mixed with white pigments.

It is available in powder and paste form, and pigments can be added. Casein paint is commonly use to paint walls, ceilings and wood.

In Conclusion

As listed above, there are many Different Kinds of Paints Used in Constructions and their applications vary greatly. The reasons to use paint in construction include visual appeal, surface durability, chemical protection and pest protection. Each type of paint is for specific applications – adequate paint selection can reduce project cost while improving performance.

Painting is often regards as an aesthetic improvement for buildings, but it brings many technical advantages as well. These include chemical protection and easier maintenance.

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